At Brave Studio, we specialize in creating accurate and visually appealing architectural design visualizations. Our team is proficient in both traditional rendering methods and modern AI technology, ensuring that your project is presented in the best possible light.

We utilize the same high-quality software used by large architecture firms, providing you with professional-grade visuals at a fraction of the cost. Our flexible approach allows us to tailor our services to your specific needs, whether you prefer a classic, realistic style or a more modern, artistic approach.

Our skilled artists are committed to delivering visuals that accurately reflect your design ideas, with a range of styles available including photorealistic, artistic, and animation. We understand the importance of staying within budget, and we strive to provide exceptional visualization services that meet your needs without exceeding your financial constraints.

Just let us know your vision, and we will help you bring it to life with high-quality visuals.

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Redefining the design process

While AI is revolutionizing architectural visualization, that's just the start of what this new technology can do. Brave Studio also leverages different tools and algorithms for all sorts of awesome solutions outside the typical design workflow.

The point is, Brave Studio is constantly exploring new and innovative ways to apply workflows that most architecture firms haven't even thought of yet. So if you can dream it, we can probably make it real with our toolbox.

The Traditional Design Process

The traditional design process in architecture looks pretty similar to what is describe in the diagram above. Meeting with the client, developing of an idea and sketches. Then creating the 3D model based on those drafts.

The renderings with be produced out of the CAD elements and the final design will be presented after some post-production touches with image editors like photoshop.

The new AI design process

The conventional process for architectural visualizations is still used, but now AI technology is being added to improve the workflow. The biggest and most famous architecture firms worldwide are already using this combined approach.

Luckily for you, Brave Studio can help with every single step - from classic methods to new transformative platforms. We've got you covered no matter which part of the process you need assistance with.

Bring your architectural vision to life with our comprehensive visualisation services

01  Gen AI images

When you're just starting on a new architectural project, having visual inspiration becomes crucial. Brave Studio's AI image generation is perfect for this brainstorming phase. Our team knows how to prompt and guide the AI to produce amazing concept images and moodboards.

Instead of scouring the internet for references just give us your initial ideas and vision. Thanks to the technology, we can explore unlimited design possibilities tailored precisely to your project. In a matter of minutes, we can generate breathtaking visuals that capture the look, mood, and atmosphere you want to achieve.

Want to see how your design looks with different materials like warm wood tones or sleek steel? Need to experiment with various lighting moods and atmospheres? We can generate rendered images applying any styles, textures, and environments you can imagine.

These AI-generated brainstorming images and moodboards guided by your insights could kickstart your creativity to the max. You'll be able to experiment with different styles, get everyone aligned, and have a clear direction before even putting pencil to paper.

02 Sketch to Image

Getting your hand-drawn architectural sketches transformed into vivid, photorealistic images is a gamechanger. Just send us your initial sketch concepts, and our team will bring them to life using AI visualization technology.
Brave Studio's AI imaging makes it easy to rapidly iterate on your sketches in a visual way. You'll be able to explore countless ideas for finishes, lighting scenarios, landscaping, and more - all based on your original hand-drawn vision. This allows you to refine and improve your architectural designs before going any further.

Don't leave the potential of your sketches to the imagination. Let us create stunning visualizations that bring your concepts to life in amazing detail.

03 Style Transfer & Model Training

Once you've got your 3D architectural model ready, the next step is making it look photorealistic and true to your design vision. That's where Brave Studio's visualization skills really shine.

Just send us your 3D model files, and our team will use the programs to apply any desired styles, materials, textures and finishes you want. We can make your building look like it's constructed from warm wood,corten steel, vintage brick - you name it. We'll also perfect the lighting, landscaping and environment to nail the exact atmosphere you're going for.

But it gets even better! We can train the AI model using your firm's previous projects as references. This allows us to generate visualizations that perfectly match your office's unique architectural style and design aesthetics. No more generic renderings - the imagery will look completely customized to your brand.

With Brave Studio's visualization services, you can evolve that 3D model into a jaw-dropping, photorealistic scene that checks every box. We'll make sure the visuals accurately represent your design genius before construction even begins.

04 Renders

If you prefer sticking to the classic 3D visualization methods, we've got you covered there too. Our team is highly skilled at utilizing BIM models, CAD programs like SketchUp, and rendering engines such as Enscape to create photorealistic architectural visualizations.

Just provide us with your 3D model files from software like Revit or AutoCAD, and we'll take it from there. Our visualization artists will fine-tune the details, apply accurate materials and textures, set the desired lighting conditions, and render out high-quality, lifelike images or animations of your architectural design.

This traditional 3D visualization approach follows the same workflow the big firms use for photorealistic renderings you see in magazines or marketing materials. But with Brave Studio, you don't need an entire in-house Visualization department. We'll deliver those same phenomenal results for a fraction of the cost.

Whether you need a striking exterior visual, beautifully lit interior scene, or animated walkthrough video, our team has the expertise to create it using the industry-standard 3D tools and techniques.

05 Retuning & Upscaling from images

Even if you already have some architectural rendering or visualization images, our catered platforms can take them to a whole new level of quality and realism. Whether your existing visuals look dated, low-resolution, or just need some polishing, we've got you covered.

First up, we can run your images through an upscaling process to increase resolution and enhance detail. This transforms those old, pixelated renderings into ultra-high definition creations with crisp textures and razor-sharp lines.

But the magic doesn't stop there! We can also make targeted edits and enhancements. Want to experiment with different lighting scenarios? Update materials and textures? Add landscaping elements? With our controlled image editing, you can iterate on your visuals quickly and effortlessly.

There's no need to completely re-render from scratch. We'll seamlessly integrate the platforms to perfect and elevate your existing visualization imagery to the next level of photorealism and atmosphere.

Between upscaling resolution and our editing system, your architectural visuals will look like they came straight out of a cutting-edge video game or animation studio.

Explore our Groundbreaking 3D Visual Options

While AI is revolutionizing architectural visualization, that's just the start of what this new technology can do. Brave Studio also leverages other techniques and algorithms for all sorts of awesome solutions outside the typical design workflow.

The point is, Brave Studio is constantly exploring new and innovative ways to apply advancements that most architecture firms haven't even thought of yet. So if you can dream it, we can probably make it real with our unique toolbox.

Virtual Time Capsule

Imagine being able to create an incredibly realistic 3D digital replica of any actual space or location. That's exactly what Brave Studio can do by generating 3D environments from just a set of high-res photos or video footage.

All you have to do is provide imagery of the real-world site, whether it's an architectural project, construction area, historic building, childhood home - you name it. Our advanced AI algorithms will then stitch those 2D images together into an explorable 3D digital environment called a "3D splat."

Once created, you'll be able to virtually navigate these 3D splats as if you were actually there. Look around in 360 degrees, inspect every nook and cranny, analyze objects from any angle. It's like video game worlds made from real-life spaces!

But beyond just virtual tours, these 3D splat environments unlock all kinds of powerful use cases. Real estate companies can showcase properties in an immersive way. Construction teams can evaluate job sites remotely. Architects can study existing buildings to incorporate design elements.

You can even integrate the 3D splats with other architectural models or render photorealistic marketing visuals from any angle. Or capture sentimental spaces for personal use. The possibilities are endless!

With Brave Studio's Virtual Time Capsule, you can quite literally create digital replicas of the real world.

360° Panoramas

Ever wished you could step inside a 2D architectural rendering or photograph? With Brave Studio's panoramic view technology, we can make that happen!

Just provide us with your 2D visuals or images, and our team will use advanced AI algorithms to transform them into immersive 360-degree panoramic environments. We'll stitch the images together and add interactive elements so you can virtually look around the space in every direction.

But it gets even cooler - we'll deliver these panoramic views to you via a shareable link. That means you can explore the environments right on your computer, phone, or tablet simply by moving your device around. Tilt, pan, and rotate to experience the full 360-degree panorama!

For an extra level of immersion, you can even use a VR headset. Slip it on, and you'll feel like you're physically standing inside the rendered architectural scene or photographed location. It creates an amazing illusion of presence within that 2D image.

These interactive panoramic views allow you to evaluate designs from the first-person perspective before anything's built. Architects can experiment with finishes and furnishings. Clients can virtually walk through their future homes.

Turn any 2D image into a narratable, interactive 3D world with just a few clicks.

03: Video/Image/Text to 3D Model

Need a custom 3D model but don't want to build it from scratch? Just send us some photos, videos or just a description, and our team can generate that 3D asset for you using advanced AI tools.

Let's say you have high-quality images or footage of a piece of furniture, landscaping element, or architectural detail. We can analyze that visual data to recreate it as a photorealistic 3D model ready to insert into your CAD or BIM files.

Alternatively, if you can't provide reference imagery, no problem! Give us a text description of the 3D object you need, and our modeling algorithms will generate it for you based on those instructions. Need a specific light fixture, unique sculpture, or decorative piece? Consider it done.

Once created, these AI-generated 3D assets integrate seamlessly into your architectural modeling software like Revit or SketchUp. You can then render, animate or apply materials and lighting however you need for visualizations.

It's easier than ever to get custom 3D models without the hassle of traditional modeling approaches. Just tap into Brave Studio's capabilities! Whether working from images/video or text prompts, we'll deliver photorealistic 3D assets tailored to your project's needs.

The possibilities are endless when you can generate any 3D object.

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