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"Pablo's dedication and innovative approach to architecture have made a lasting impression during our time as colleagues. I've witnessed him skillfully integrate cutting-edge tools into our work, helping to enhance our projects. The organization and delivery times are remarkable, which is reflected in the final outcome. I eagerly look forward to future collaborations, confident in the exceptional quality and excellence that his involvement brings to any project."

Jose Luis Tejedor Calvo

Architect co-founder in gdap architectes

"Pablo is an excellent person, attentive and with strong human values in dealing with his clients. His work is characterized by the excellent quality of the solutions he provides and his culture of effort to always meet the needs of the client."

David Nogueroles


"Pablo's enthusiasm for emerging technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, really stands out. As his colleague, I've witnessed how skillfully he incorporates these cutting-edge technologies into our work, continuously elevating the quality of our projects. His extensive knowledge in AI establishes him as the go-to reference for finding creative solutions in our field. Pablo's contribution to Brave Studio has provided effective responses to the architectural design challenges we face, resulting in more agile project management and timely completion. We fervently endorse his work and intend to rely on him for future endeavors, confident in the level of satisfaction and excellence his performance ensures."

Jose Arturo Martinez Garcia

Project Architect

"For the following reasons, SPEISER ARCHITEKTUR GmbH can recommend "Brave Studio" > Assistance in the concept of a digital project configuration Variants study in 3D using AI generator > Solid "All-Round-Know-How" on topics related to architecture, integration of AI in planning processes, and IT > Pablo Aumente impresses with professionalism, flexibility, calmness, and helpfulness”"

Arne Speiser

Architect, founder of  Speiser Architektur GmbH

"I had the fortune to work closely with Pablo a few years ago when we coincided in the same office. I was inspired by his problem-solving approach. Right from the project's conception, he had a clear vision, and throughout its development, he had the intelligence to maintain focus.He was passionate about new technologies, a natural researcher and self-learner, loathing the manual processes of day-to-day work, implementing efficient solutions for each problem that allowed us to save time and enjoy a chat.He's an honest person who knows what he wants and tells you directly. He's mentally agile and an utterly charming guy."

Julián Calvo

Dipl. Ing. Architekt ETSA Sevilla, Founder Atelier Tabula

"Pablo's accurate and detailed visualizations effectively communicated the intended result, with his technical skills in rendering being instrumental. His work exceeded our expectations, and we intend to continue working with him, assured of the high-quality outcomes and client-centric approach that he consistently delivers."

Laurent Meyer

CEO of Constructor Academy

"Pablo's dedication and expertise in new technologies, particularly in the field of AI, is truly commendable. As an instructor in our Generative AI course, he effortlessly engaged and inspired all the students, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended. His ability to swiftly develop content to highlight the creative part of Generative AI showcased his profound knowledge and passion for the subject matter. We were thoroughly impressed by his contributions, and I'm delighted to work with Pablo again."

Ekaterina Butyugina

PhD, Program Manager at Constructor Learning | Data Science | Z by HP Global Data Science & AI Ambassador

"Pablo's passion and curiosity, combined with the ability to understand the demands of a project in detail and the skill to adopt different viewpoints and interests, make him the ideal professional for developing complex projects efficiently and innovatively."

Furio Valerio Sordini

Design and Innovation Management by Implenia Real Estate Products

"Pablo's accurate and detailed visualizations effectively communicated our designs, with his exceptional skills in rendering and AI being instrumental. His work exceeded our expectations and was delivered in short time. We intend to continue working with him, assured of the high-quality outcomes and client satisfaction he consistently delivers."

Alexandros Elefthereoudakis

Architect Engineer, founder of Lib Concept

"Pablo is not only a talented architect but also a great team player. His ability to integrate advanced techniques and his dedication to teamwork enrich every project. He is a professional you can always rely on to deliver the highest quality results."

Alejandro Jimenez

Founder & Architect, CMYK Arquitectos

"Working with Pablo is synonymous with passion, dedication, and commitment. Indifference is undoubtedly out of place, and constantly questioning how one can go a step further is the common theme. A rewarding experience!"

Moises Garcia

Architect, Associate in professional office

"Collaborating with Pablo is exhilarating: his out-of-the-box thinking and practical approach elevate every project. His commitment to excellence, both personally and professionally, guarantees satisfaction at every turn."

Christian Valentin Sancha

Architect, BIM-Manager & Operations Board Member

"I highly recommend Brave Studio and Pablo. He is laser focused on finding practicable solutions, knows what he is doing, and combines that with great technical skills and wonderful human qualities."

Hugh Reeves

Attorney-at-law, Managing Associate at Walder Wyss Ltd

"After seeing the progress Pablo is making in this new and specialized field, I am very interested in learning how Brave Studio will apply artificial intelligence to the problems we currently encounter in planning and construction."

David Sánchez

BIM ArchitektMAK architecture

"Pablo's courage for visions and enthusiasm are contagious. As a colleague, he has not only enriched our daily life with his energy but also with his incredible knowledge about artificial intelligence and its practical application for more efficient work in everyday life. His calm understanding of complex interrelations always ensured the achievement of timely and financial project goals."

Victoria  Catunda Gross

Architektin Dipl.Ing. FH M.Sc. Uni

"His extended experience in mastering AI tools for design and operations are truly impressive."

Pablo Rica

Operations Manager | Architect | Creator

"The renovation of our beach house in collaboration with Brave Studio, an architecture studio specializing in the integration of artificial intelligence, turned into a masterpiece of contemporary design aesthetics.From the outset, the project was marked by its innovative approach, utilizing advanced algorithms and AI techniques to create a personalized and unique living concept.Thank you, Pablo!"

Teo Mayo

MEP Consulting Groupe Inditex

"Pablo is motivated and always comes with lot’s of positive energy - he is very creative, full of ideas and very open-minded. His work is always backed by professional knowledge through lots of research which he is clearly very passionate about in his work and personal life too."

Aleksandra Dobrowolska


"I highly recommend Pablo for any position that requires expertise in new technologies, especially AI and architecture. His dedication, passion, and experience make him a valuable asset. I got to know him as a professional who consistently delivers high-quality work, demonstrates a cutting-edge vision, and excels in client care with a unique approach tailored to each individual. He is a responsible, independent architect who achieves high goals and productivity."

Irina Pochkaenko


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