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Understanding the journey of creating or transforming your space is essential. In Switzerland, the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA) outlines the steps. We're here to guide you through each one, ensuring a smooth process tailored to your project's unique needs.

Starting Strong

Starting any major architecture or construction project can feel overwhelming. That's where Brave Studio comes in - we are experts at taking your initial ideas and turning them into a solid, well-defined plan to get things off on the right foot.

The process begins with a comprehensive site analysis – the cornerstone of your project. We meticulously evaluate the land, existing structures, and any potential assets or constraints the site presents. This in-depth examination serves as a critical foundation, ensuring every design decision aligns with industry best practices.

From there, our team dives into exploring all the possible solutions tailored specifically to your needs and goals. We'll study every angle through feasibility assessments, legal considerations, and more. No stone is left unturned in mapping out a clear path forward. The culmination of this collaborative process? A vision of exceptional clarity. You'll receive a well-defined project scope, outlining all essential requirements in precise detail, and an executable roadmap for transforming your vision into a tangible reality - all before any construction commences. With Brave Studio's upfront planning and preparation, you can begin your project confidently knowing we've set you up for success.

This initial phase ensures your architectural journey starts strong and avoids any costly surprises down the road. We're the partners making sure you have a thoughtful, comprehensive game plan from day one.

Preliminary Studies - Project Definition Feasibility Study (SIA Phase 21)

- Valuation of land and buildings
- Inventory
- Project definition, benchmarking
- Study of possible solutions
- Clarification of feasibility (including legal aspects of construction)

Planning with Precision

Once we have your architectural vision clearly defined, Brave Studio kicks into high gear to map out every detail for turning that concept into reality. This meticulous planning stage is where our expertise really shines.

First, we'll refine and optimize your initial designs to maximize efficiency, sustainability, and ensure seamless integration of any specialty elements. Our team carefully evaluates all project variations to land on the ideal solution.

From there, we handle all the nitty-gritty preparation for construction. This includes detailed cost estimation down to the last 10%, refining construction timelines and milestones, and determining the best general contracting approach. We leave no stone unturned in planning.

But perhaps most importantly, Brave Studio guides you through the entire approval process. We'll assemble all required documentation, specs and permit submissions to obtain full construction authorization from local governments. Our experience in navigating these procedures helps avoid costly delays and roadblocks.

Throughout this planning phase, you can count on our innovative thinking and expert advice. We see challenges as opportunities to create smart solutions that achieve the best outcomes for your project and vision.

By the time we complete this stage, you'll have a fully realized architectural blueprint backed by a comprehensive action plan for execution. Trust Brave Studio to precisely map out every step from concept to construction.

Project Planning - Preliminary Project (SIA Phase 31)

- Optimize concepts
- Evaluate project variants
- Possibly extend the project team

Construction Project (SIA Phase 32)

- Optimize the construction project
- Plan the building services engineering project
- Partially conduct detail studiesCost estimate (+0%,-10%)
- Refine milestone plan
- Execution concept (conventional, Smart, General Contractor, Total Contractor)

Approval Procedure | Submission Project (SIA Phase 33)

- Obtain construction approval
- Authorize the project for government application

Mastering the Tendering Process

Hiring the right contractors and vendors is crucial for any construction project's success. That's why Brave Studio has mastered the art of the tendering process to ensure you get the best team and pricing.

We start by meticulously preparing all the necessary tender documents with comprehensive details about scope, requirements, specifications and more. Think of it as the "player's manual" that contractors will use to understand your project inside and out.

From there, we gather offers and bids from multiple qualified contractors to foster a competitive environment. If needed, we can even run a full-fledged competition between general contractors or trade contractors to really find the ideal fit.

Our team carefully vets and compares each bid to identify the optimal combination of skill, experience and cost-effectiveness for your specific needs and budget. You can count on us to make principled recommendations focused on quality over just the lowest price.

And speaking of budget, we continually refine and update cost estimates throughout the tendering stage to keep everything transparent and aligned with your financial parameters.

By the time offers are awarded, you'll have a top-notch construction team in place primed to turn your vision into reality - without any budget surprises. Brave Studio's expertise in tendering sets the stage for a smooth build process.

Tendering | Offer Comparison | Award Application (SIA Phase 41)

- Prepare tender documents
- Collect contractor offers
- Possibly conduct a GC, TC competition
- Revised cost estimate

Ensuring Excellence in Implementation

Once we've assembled the perfect team through the tendering process, it's time to bring your architectural vision to life! This is where Brave Studio really shines in guiding the project's execution with precision and oversight.

As construction kicks off, our team will be firmly embedded to supervise every step. We enforce strict quality assurance, ensuring all work adheres to the agreed-upon specifications, timelines, and your original design intent. Count on us to rigorously manage any changes or issues that arise.

Throughout the build process, we'll provide periodic progress reports and budget tracking to keep you looped in. Our mission is to make this complicated construction phase feel seamless and worry-free for you.

Then as the project nears completion, Brave Studio leads the commissioning stage - a critical inspection and testing period to verify everything meets our high standards down to the smallest details. We'll rectify any defects and ensure stellar final results.

But we don't just walk away after construction wraps. Brave Studio conducts a comprehensive project evaluation to analyze what worked well and what could be improved for future initiatives. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

From overseeing the execution flawlessly to crossing every final t and dotting every i, you can rest assured your architectural investment is in expert hands with Brave Studio. We'll navigate the complexities so you can enjoy the amazing outcomes.

Execution Project (SIA Phase 51)

- Complete the execution project
- Review contractor offers
- Award contracts
- Quality Assurance Agreement

Execution (SIA Phase 52)

- Construct the building according to specifications
- Construction supervision
- Construction administration, change management
- Execution controlling (periodically)

Commissioning | Conclusion (SIA Phase 53)

- Handover of the building
- Commissioning
- Final accounting
- Defect rectification
- Result control, project evaluation

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